Union des Francais de lEtranger (UFE), translated as Union of French nationals living Overseas, was founded in 1927 to serve the interests of French nationals living abroad. Its role has widened since its conception and now the friends of France, Francophiles and Francophones, are invited to share the advantages woven by the UFE since its creation.

The UFE is an apolitical association and recognized to be a Public Utility with its registered office in Paris and 150 representations in over 100 countries. Twelve Senators are currently responsible to defend the interests of French nationals living abroad.

The mission of the UFE is to create an environment of Solidarity, Friendship and Participation between French, Francophiles and Francophones in the community; to facilitate the insertion of an expatriate into his new country and his/her possible return to France; to help people in difficulties and to contribute to their greater comfort.

The committee of the UFE, Queensland Section, is at your disposal to help you with all types of issues that may arise. If the questions exceed our competence the Head Office in Paris would be consulted. The committee also organises social and cultural activities.

The UFE has an Information Centre and exclusive Services.

1) The magazine `La Voice de France', published by the Head office six times per annum and sent by airmail to your postal address, gives information on subjects which concern you and articles of interests about other countries.
2) L UFE 7 Jours, an electronic weekly news sheet and the Lettre de lUFE, gives practical information on social and other matters.
3) UFE Future, for young people passionate about international travel.
4) The Trait d'Union, published by the Queensland Section four times per annum, gives information on our Community network.
5) Privileges (associated with the membership card) accords advantages and discounts to all members of the UFE.
6) Dossiers pays makes it possible for members to consult files on many countries proposed by the UFE.
7) The UFE can propose under certain conditions a Pret dHonneur, thanks to its solidarity funds , to members who return to France in a situation of financial distress.

Consult head offices web-site for more information:www.ufe.org